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QuestFare Client Interface: Find Local students to complete gig work
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Setting and smashing financial goals.

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Set your time; no 9 to 5 here.

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Struggling with Time  and Tight Budget

Feeling fatigued after class, yet missing out on those unforgettable college moments because of work or lack of funds?

Introducing: Stress-Free Earnings!

QuestFare revolutionizes the way students earn. By tapping into skills you already possess, you can set your hours, choose tasks that resonate with you, and watch your earnings grow—all while making the most of your college experience.

Features Tailored for You

Your college journey deserves flexible earning opportunities. Here's how we make it happen.

Flexible Timing: No more juggling! Work around your classes, not the other way around.
Diverse Gigs: Tutor, tech help, and more. Pick tasks that match your skills.
Instant Earnings: Task done, cash in. No more waiting for paychecks.
Community Trust: Our platform thrives on trust. Reliable clients, credible profiles.
Local Rewards: Partner with Winter Park businesses. Exclusive perks await.

Student Profile, Messaging and Task Categories.

Flexibility & Autonomy

Balance your studies and work seamlessly. You're in control; work when it best fits your academic schedule.

Instant Earnings with Minimal Costs

Earn effortlessly with your skills on QuestFare. It's free, secure, and clients are waiting.

Safe Community Engagement

Dive into a platform built on reliability with reviewed clients, Exclusive Winter Park rewards soon!

Showcase Your Skills, Find Your Gig

College Student Tutors


Personalized tutoring for academic success

College Students moving services


Your moving day, made easier

College Cleaning Service


Hassle-free cleaning for a tidy space

College Students Dog Walking

Pet Services

Premium pet care from student pet lovers

College Students Coaching Sports


Coaching to help you conquer your goals

college student gradening and home care


Get those household chores done effectively

Students can create customized quests to be posted within the community. Here is a highlighted preview of what is offered.

  • Should I report my Questfare earnings on my tax return?
    Unless you’ve completed 200 jobs or earned more than $20,000 on Questfare, you won’t receive a Form 1099-K, but you should report any income you earned on your taxes. You can find the total amount you earned on your home page. We recommend that you consult with your tax advisor regarding your obligations to report your income and any other tax-related questions.
  • Do I set my hourly rate in the app?
    Yes you do. When setting the jobs you desire on your profile, we have suggestions that are based on an hourly wage.
  • What do I do if I don’t receive payment within 5 business days?
    If you don’t receive payment within five business days of completing a job, send us an email . Be sure to include helpful information such as your name and the job date.
  • How and when do I get paid?
    As a Quester, you will provide your debit card information. You can receive payment as soon as one hour after a client completes payment by providing your debit card information and choosing to receive payment via Instant Pay. There is a $3/job fee for using Instant Pay, which will be deducted from your earnings from any job for which you choose to be paid via Instant Pay. If you choose not to take advantage of Instant Pay, you should receive funds from a job within 3-5 business days of a parent completing payment for a job.
  • How much does it cost to use Questfare?
    Questfare is free to students.
  • What is the cancellation policy for Questers?
    We know that cancellations happen due to life but we want to ensure commitments on both sides to be honored. Therefore, we will excuse 2 cancellations for questers due to sickness and emergency situations. These 2 cancellations have to be given at least 12 hours prior. Once a third cancellation occurs by the student, we will have to review their situations for possible suspension from the platform. Questfare has a zero-tolerance policy no-shows. This behavior will result in immediate account suspension for two weeks. If a second no-show occurs, there will be a month suspension and a fine to reuse our platform. A third no-show results in a life-time ban.
  • How Do I Change My Area?
    To change your area, simply log into the app and on your profile you can change the zip code. Once your new zip code is authenticated, the old location will be paused for quester match making.
  • What if a client cancels a job I have already booked?
    Since cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, we want to respect the time our Questers set aside from school work and activities to perform the jobs booked. If a client needs to cancel a booked job, we ask that they give you more than 24 hours notice. If unexpected circumstances force the client to cancel a booked job within 24 hours of the start time, an hour of the average hourly wage for that service will be paid to you from the client. This fee will be sent to you to compensate you for your time and missed opportunities.
  • What if the client asks me to arrive early or late?
    Questers can adjust their time through messaging app. If you both decide to change the time, then that is fine and there will not be a penalty. However, if both do not agree upon the time change, then it will count for an unexcused penalty. Both parties need to confirm once the job is complete. Upon confirmation you will be prompted to leave a star and comment review.
  • Can I cancel my booked job and take another job?
    No. If you cancel your job to book another job, the cancellation will be considered unexcused. Please refer to the cancellation policy FAQ for more information.
  • Are the Questers background checked?
    Questers are not background checked; however, we make sure that they are a college student through their .edu email and their compliance with our Terms of Service. Students are community vetted through reviews posted by previous employers, so employers should be sure to read any ratings or reviews of their applicants. If a student is new to the site and has not yet been reviewed, we recommend interviewing them prior to hiring through the messaging platform and taking a deep look at their profile.
  • Can I review jobs I complete?
    Questers will be able to rate and review each client that they perform the job for. This allows us to monitor these ratings closely and make sure any concerns are quickly addressed.
  • Can clients review me?
    Clients will be able to rate you on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and write a comment. This is based on many factors that include showing up on time, looking representable, and performing the task well. If you did not perform the task well, clients can give you a poor rating. Remind clients to give you a review because future clients will be looking at your profile and 5 star ratings can lead to future jobs.
  • Can I book a Quester long term or reoccurring?
    Yes! You will need to message the student to schedule a long term or recurring quest so they can edit the custom quote.
  • How do I cancel a job I have booked with a Quester?
    To cancel a booked job, we require that you give Quester at least 24 hours notice. If not, you will be charged for the avg hourly fee for that service. If canceled prior to this time frame, you will head to your current quests tab and select the quest you want to cancel. There you will find the cancel quest option.
  • What if I need to cancel a booked job?
    We know that cancellation are sometimes unavoidable; however, it must be done in a timely manner. If you need to cancel a booked job, we ask that you give Quester at least 24 hours notice. If not, you will be charged for the avg hourly fee for that service. In addition, if more than 3 booked jobs are canceled within the 24 hours, your account will be suspended from the platform and reviewed to see if the cancellations were valid or not.
  • Can I meet the Quester before booking them?
    No, the first interaction will come after the confirmation of scheduling/booking the quest. You will have the opportunity to message the Quester at anytime.
  • How do Questers receive my address?
    Questers will only receive your address if you provide them that through the messaging. If the job requires your address then you can provide them with it when booking a job.
  • Safety on Questfare
    We don't currently have a way of requiring background checks for clients. However, we provide you with many tools within the app to ensure you feel comfortable to perform any job on Questfare. When viewing a message, you can view the clients profile and see: (1) the date the client joined Questfare; (2) how many jobs have been booked; and (3) how many jobs the parent has completed. If a client has zero jobs completed, it may simply be that they are using the platform for the first time. However, this data provides you as a Quester with enough information to let you know you should probably do some basic due diligence on the client prior to confirming a job, including having a phone call with them prior to the job to ensure you are comfortable working the job. In addition, any time a Quester gives a client a negative rating, we follow up with both to determine if there are any circumstances that warrant removing the client from the platform. Finally, before a client can post a job, they must input a valid credit card. This requirement helps us validate the identity of parents on the platform.
  • What do I do if clients are not reaching out to me for jobs?
    If you’re having trouble, here are our best tips: Be sure to completely fill out your Quester profile with as much information as you can. Make sure your profile picture is a headshot and just of you without obvious filters. Make sure you've turned on your notifications! Clients can reach out to multiple questers at the same time so it is important to have great communication. If this is not working, try to expand your horizon and do jobs that are more common like dog-walking, babysitting, mowing the yard, etc. The more jobs completed and the better ratings will lead to more offers. The first few jobs can be the hardest part! As the app expands, as it is constantly doing, there will be more people requesting jobs, so hang in there and reach out if you have any questions.
  • Can I keep working with Questfare after I graduate?
    Yes! Once you've been approved as a Quester, you can work with us for as long as you'd like, even past graduation. We find that many Questers continue working to support a graduate degree or just earn some income on the side as they start their career. Questfare is a flexible work opportunity that can meet your needs, whatever stage of life you're in!
  • What should I include in my profile?
    It is vital to have a completed and updated profile because clients are much more inclined to reach out to Questers with informative profiles. You can update your information under the profile section of the app. You can update your picture by clicking the existing photo. The app will let you choose one from your device or take a new one! Make sure your photo is just of you. Our most successful Questers use professional-looking headshots without filters. The next part under your profile is the about me section. Clients can see this information so make sure it is accurate. This is your place to introduce yourself to potential clients, so go ahead and fill out all the sections that apply! Input your job’s in the “quest offered’ section that match with your skill set. Each listing posted will include: category, title, wage, info, and location. We will have suggested wages for each skill-set. You will also be able to add your skills and current and previous education and accomplishments. The last section is your "Payment Info." You'll want to make sure that's up-to-date! You don't want to experience any unnecessary delays in getting paid. If you have any questions or would like a member of the Questfare team to review your profile with you, please reach out through the "Contact Us" button in the app or by emailing We are here to help you succeed as a Quester!
  • What happens if I pay my Quester off the app?
    All payments must be through the Questfare app. Payments made through a third party (such as Venmo, Cashapp, etc) or cash rendering are in direct violation to our Terms of Service Agreement. Questfare will charge the card on file, regardless of any payments made outside of the Questfare platform. Any funds paid to a Quester through a third party service are not the responsibility of Questfare to recover. Also, both parties will be suspended from the platform.
  • What does it cost to use Questfare?
    Questfare is free to download and won’t cost anything until you hire a Quester. After a Quester sends you a custom quote, additional fees apply: Stripe and Questfare Fee. After a job is complete, you may choose to add a tip if the Quester did an excellent job. Questers keep 100% of this tip. The total price of the job plus the service fee and tip will be charged to the credit card or debit card that you put in.
  • How do I pay a Quester?
    All payments must be through Questfare. After accepting the custom quote by the Quester, you will enter your payment information and the payment will be on hold until the job is completed. After the job is completed, you will rate the Quester and can add a tip if desired. That is all you need to do. We will make sure the student gets their payout. Paying your Quester outside of the app is a violation of our Terms of Use and will result in you and the Quester being suspended from the platform. *Note if you experience any issues with your service or quester please contact customer support.
  • Do I have to enter my payment information before booking a Quester?
    The short answer is YES. Before confirmation of the upcoming quest, you must complete your payment information. Your payment information and profile information are securely stored within our system.
  • Is it necessary to tip?
    It’s encouraged to leave a tip if you have exceptional service but is never expected. *Please note that by leaving a comment on the review you will be helping our younger generations learn from their mistakes and improve so while helping your community grow.
  • What does Questfare provide to Questers for tax filing purposes?
    Questfare students are 1099K independent contractors who only receive a 1099K form if they complete 200 jobs and earn above $20,000 per year on Questfare during a calendar year pursuant to IRS regulations pertaining to electronic payments. While the majority of Questers do not reach the thresholds for receiving a 1099K form; however, it is important to know. Questers can find the amount earned per calendar year on your “Completed Jobs” tab.

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Your journey with QuestFare is important to us. Dive deeper into our comprehensive FAQ page to find detailed answers.

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